Social Matchmaking

First NFT metaverse game built using all of Telegram and more. Play against each other via our unique bot where other players can watch whether you were owned or not real-time.

Collectible NFT RPG

Create your AVATAR, trade items on the NFT marketplace built on BCH. (Ethereum and SmartBCH Coming) Pit yourself against each other in a fast paced action card game built on next generation blockchain technology.

Immersive Metaverse

Dive into a inter-connected metaverse full of games, lore, magic and technology. Choose one of the 3 playable races, each with their own deep mythology.


The Sphere Metaverse

Enter The Sphere is a NFT metaverse where the most powerful and exotic resources in the universe lie on a planet protected by an impenetrable energy barrier.

Anyone can enter, but once the exotic treasures of The Sphere are found the “entrants” can only exit through the only one way out known as The Tower.

It is a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) game that pits players against each other over a series of different games using the same NFTs, culminating in Tower Ascension.

The Sphere is built on Bitcoin Cash’s Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP), utilizing the speed/security advantages of the UTXO structure of Bitcoin Cash, whilst being bridgable to Ethereum.

As a true metaverse the Sphere's governance token ORB is used to stake for rewards, vote on development and most of all as fuel to other NFT universes like Ashwick World.

Your Own Character

Everyone who plays in The Sphere has their AVATAR. Your equipment, your cosmetics, your achievements. As you upgrade your AVATAR you will be able to see your upgrades and show your AVATAR off to others on social media.

Latest Announcements

We delivered our Flipstarter campaign (Initial Crowdfunding). Enter The Sphere is now playable and fully functional with NFTS.

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Did you know? Enter the Sphere is the first NFT application that displays in the Simple Ledger Explorer:

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We know you have been waiting, but we had to wait till the Bitcoin Cash upgrade settled before distributing ORB tokens.

Again, a gigantic thank you to the 58 contributors on our first Flipstarter campaign. The official token ID is : a013d636dcadc71f7e11d7880e9e8b62295e772cf1a24180f74d0eca62604136

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Works cross-platform on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Pre-Alpha is Now Live.

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