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Play Now

Try Quick Demo. No Installs Necessary.

Try a quick game now.

Enter The Sphere is played in the browser,
so you don't have to install anything.
Try a demo game with an AI opponent, with simulated NFT cards.
There is nothing better than seeing it for yourself.

Try a quick game directly on web or play on your favorite social media app!


Play Demo, Solo, Multiplayer Play on Telegram, all without creating a web3 wallet.


Play Demo, Solo, Multiplayer Play on Discord, all without creating a web3 wallet.


Play on website. Learn the ropes on Tutorial and access BattleHub.


Droplinks to instantly play and invite other players on any social media.

You play solo against increasing challenging bots, or play against other players, or just spectate on any device, any social media app or chatgroup Sphere Bot is in.

Learn how to play and earn.

Easy Video Tutorials

Follow detailed step by step video teaching you how to play the game.

Website Tutorial

Get some free NFT lootboxes by completing lessons. NEAR Wallet Required.