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Story of The Sphere

Enter The Sphere is set around a planet outside of normal time and space known as Illium-3 (The Sphere) where ORB, the universe’s most powerful and exotic fuel is only found on its surface .


The galaxy swirling orbs in The Sphere each harness a form of unknown reaction. The only substance capable of powering the Prime Race’s Metaship Meta-Fold Drives, allowing them to rip open portals and travel to other universes.


Protected by an impenetrable energy barrier. Anyone can enter, but once the exotic treasures of The Sphere are found the “entrants” can only exit through the only one way out known as The Tower.


A wasteland of a once advanced magical technological civilization known as The Sphere Builders. The Tower, exists as the only functioning structure in The Sphere, and the only way out.


At the highest point of The Tower lies the Throne Room. Entrants will fight each other in a final battle to sit on the throne.


Every cycle there is only one winner who ascends the Tower and takes the throne to exit the Sphere via a space elevator back into real space.


The Three Prime Races

The Three Prime Races of The Sphere Universe are the current 3 most powerful factions in the metaverse, they know the location of The Sphere and compete each other to obtain ORB. Using ORB to power their starships and technology, they can travel freely to universes beyond their own prime universe, this gives them unprecedented power over races who do not have ORB technology. Currently, they are the only known 3 races that can power and travel in Metaships. A type of special type of ship that by using ORB as fuel, can travel to other universes. The 3 races are The Kingdom of Frog, Athenian Federation and Liberteriani Consensus.