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Enter The Sphere will employ a dual-token system.

ORB Token

In Game Matches (For All Games and Mini Games).
Movement of ORB (SLP) to ORB (SmartBCH SEP20) will be seamless.
Staking, Liquidity Pools and Yield Farming.
Fuel For Travel Between Universes for NFTs & Tokens.
Staking for Mining Out of Print/Special NFTs (ORB Machine).
In-Game Currency for Special Trades and Upgrading Items, Metaship, Summons and Pets.
Renting NFTs Out.
Locking ORB with NFT Items to Upgrade Them.
NFT Melts Back Into ORB
Crafting New NFT Items


Governance Token For Sphere Metaverse (The Vision Protectorate & Metaverse Council)
Generated by Staking ORB
More Details Coming Soon in White Paper