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1. Is there Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool for ORB?

Yes. You can currently use ORB to farm on Mistswap and Benswap for good yields. More types of farms is on the way.

2. Where is my free 500 ORB?

Once you have played your first Duelz or TAP! TAP! game, you will receive 500 ORB to play with other players in the chat. These 500 ORB will be locked to your account until you have win several matches.

3. Where can I learn about updates for the Enter the Sphere?

All of our recent focuses and updates are in the Telegram news challenge. Rest assured that our team is regularly in the chat as well and you can ping them to ask for any questions you may have.

4. How do I start playing the game?

Start by challenging any other present players in the chat by typing “/challenge <player name>”! This will send an invite to play our card game to the targeting player. Alternatively, to play TAP! TAP! Battle, you can use “/attack <player name>” instead.

5. How do I know what cards I have and what is in my deck?

Message @spheregamebot with the command /deck to check out the cards you currently have.

6. When is Yield Farming/Token Presale coming?

We really appreciate your enthusiasm for our project and it had taken us off guard with how successful it has been. We are working very hard to bring the listed target items from our Flipstarter into reality at the moment. Please keep an eye on our news channel for an update about our roadmap timeline soon.

7. Are all my cards NFTs?

Yes! While our NFTs are based on SLP, we are also able to trade and exchange them on OpenSeas thanks to Emblem (Coval). At the moment though, all our cards are first created and minted on SLP, which can be exchanged and bought through Juungle.net

8. Is there Chinese community or is the game going to have Chinese support?

At the moment, no. We haven’t expected that our game will be so popular among the Chinese community, but if provided with enough interest, we are definitely keen about looking into developing Chinese support for the game and the community!

9. What is Enter the Sphere’s next target/What is being done to ensure Sphere’s growth?

We are currently working to streamline our tutorial and onboarding system. We have realized that it isn’t the most straightforward system and would like to make it simpler for our new members to get started. Afterwards, we are focused on creating a white paper and marketing materials to make sure we keep the hype train going!