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DuelZ is the core combat module of Enter The Sphere.

It is an NFT collectible card game that plays like an incredibly fast-paced JRPG combat system.

Enter The Sphere Duelz 1

  • Players are challenged to make quick decisions with a declining timer.
  • You cannot see your opponent’s health and willpower, only their Avatar picture, which will show roughly how “hurt” they are.
  • Unlike other card games, players don’t take opposing turns. They play out their cards in a reveal phase simultaneously. If the player does not react fast enough they get penalized.
  • As the battle continues the player’s willpower dwindles and difficult moves become harder to execute.

Players can build their own decks, then stake tokens and challenge other players and bots with their unique build.

The core game is a balance of chance and strategy. This makes it accessible to non min-max players but still allows players who learn to game to have a decent edge.