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Enter The Sphere Metaverse

The Sphere Metaverse on SmartBCH & SLP – What’s Released? What’s Coming?

This article is to fully document the breadth of what has been released so far, and where we are going with The Sphere Metaverse.

Core Game (DuelZ) (Released)

Games are happening daily on our core combat module DuelZ…

As promised the core Enter The Sphere game is a collectible card RPG game that plays like an incredibly fast-paced JRPG combat system, mixing chance and strategy.

Both players play their moves out in the same turn, with a declining timer that adds pressure.

All cards played in-game are live NFTs directly loaded from the BCH blockchain from the user’s wallet.

Want to try a game? Join our Telegram for an instant starter deck and free 500 ORB.

NFT Marketplace & Interconnected NFT Game Items (Released)

There is only one of this legendary NFT sword found…

On our marketplace, you can view cards themselves and see the beautiful illustrations of each card, filter by card type, rarity and so on.

Check out the marketplace live now. Here is a Sphere NFT on the BCH blockchain.

Telegram Game Bot (Released)

Stake your ORBs and fight to the end…

Social gameplay is a big focus of Enter The Sphere. Our unique Telegram bot is one of the most polished applications on Telegram’s game API. A growing social media platform.

You can use it to spectate battles, challenge others, play mini-games like TAP! TAP! Battle, deposit, and withdraw ORB tokens. See other player’s AVATAR, level and game stats.

Pre-Alpha First Edition Cards (Released)

Each card is limited…

Once a card reaches the supply limit. The Parent NFT is burned, removing the ability for us to ever mint another card. True digital scarcity.

Cross-Platform Across Any Computer, Mobile or Tablet (Released)

The Sphere Metaverse can work on any device…

Deck Builder (Released)

Design your own deck to bring into battle…

Deck Builder loads your NFTs directly from your BCH SLP Address. Multiple cards stack up in a very simple, easy-to-use interface.

AVATAR System (Released)

Dress your characters up!

You can equip your AVATAR with your NFT items, these boost your stats in mini-games, and change your appearance to other players. You can also change your battle portrait.

Lootbox System (Released)

The only loot box that opens on the BCH Blockchain…

Generates NFTs on the fly as they are opened on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain. Users can buy any number of cardpacks and open them in lightning speed, using our SLP integration with BCHD.

Wallet and 3rd Party Exchange Integration (Released)

Want to take your NFTs out of The Sphere?

Sphere NFTs is integrated fully into multiple BCH SLP wallets, Paytaca, Zapit, Pokket and Signup.cash.

Our NFTS display on Juungle.net as well.

TAP! TAP! Battle (Released)

Don’t have time for a full Sphere card game? Well you’re in luck…

A mini-game you can directly play with our Telegram Bot (Which can be added to any group). It’s a simple game for people who want a quick game and see if they win or lose ORBs. NFT items are represented by emoji combos the players can use on each other.

Sphere Game Lore (Released)

Yes there is a story.

We have also done tons of artwork on the world of Enter The Sphere. From the Tower to Illium-3 (The Sphere) to The Throne Room. Every NFT item has a unique backstory, and we endear to make it more immersiveive than other crypto-game offerings.

What’s Coming Next – The Coming Sphere Metaverse

Now for the candy! Enter The Sphere is realigning from a card game-centric model to a metaverse model, a model where we see infinite potential.

Sphere NFT items will still be represented by cards (because we believe this makes them more collectible), however, they will be usable in multiple games. TAP! TAP! Battle is the first Sphere NFT Sub-Game in the Metaverse with more games in the pipeline.

ORB Token will be:

  • In Game Matches (For All Games and Mini Games).
  • Movement of ORB (SLP) to ORB (SmartBCH SEP20) will be seamless.
  • Staking, Liquidity Pools and Yield Farming.
  • Fuel To Mine for NFTs and Tokens in Other Metaverses.
  • Staking for Mining Out of Print/Special NFTs (ORB Machine).
  • In-Game Currency for Special Trades and Upgrading Items, Metaship, Summons and Pets.
  • Renting NFTs Out.
  • Locking ORB with NFT Items to Rent NFTs Out.
  • Governance Token For Sphere Metaverse (The Vision Council).
  • Locking ORB with Sphere NFTs to upgrade them,

Expeditions – Players will be able to go on our idle journeys and mine for NFTs and tokens from other universes using their AVATARS piloting Metaships. Ashwick is the first card game that will be part of the Sphere Metaverse.

Hunting Grounds – An unlimited amount of players can join in a free for all mayhem that features spawning mobs as well as using Sphere NFTs to activate special abilities. (Think Rocket Launcher). Treasures await.

Play To Earn (Lootbox Rewards and Token Rewards) – Win card packs and other NFTs, ORB and Spice via playing solo and playing others.

Onboarding Tutorial – A comprehensive onboarding program to get new players to join The Sphere Metaverse, including a walkthrough and mode to play against a non-player bot. Nearly done.

More and More NFTs – We have planned 100+ more NFTs to add in the form of cards, cosmetic items, metaships, ship equipment, upgrade jewels.

Quality of Life UX Improvements – Connectivity improvements, direct integration with Juungle and OpenSeas. Multiple decks. Better interface for players with hundreds of NFTs.

SmartBCH/EVM Support – Allowing Cross Chain Connectivity to Openseas and other EVM NFT marketplaces and applications.

ORB Token Staking – You will be able to stake ORBs and NFT items to access the full capabilities of “gamefi” and its reward yield farming mechanics in liquidity pools.

Multiple Lootbox Types – Purchasable card packs will have better yields, early adopters will receive VIP card packs that will have a much higher chance to open rare NFTs.

More 3D and 2D Assets – Already completed and just needs to be deployed, characters will show their armour tier, and new stages will be added in the future, as well as more weapon models, revamped camera system and more.

Expanded AVATAR System – What you equip on your AVATAR will more directly impact your functionality and ability in all games.

Tower Ascension (Concept Stage) – The Big Big game. Ascend the tower in a procedurally generated map, where you will encounter mobs, events, treasures, and other players. The final victor will earn the seat of the Throne and win all the ORB staked in the game plus more.

Interested in helping us move along? Support our Flipstarter here and get some early ORBs and NFTs to join the crypto games revolution.

And the question – will the Sphere eggs ever hatch? The answer is definitely yes.

-Sphere Metaverse Team

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