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Enter The Sphere Metaverse

What is Enter The Sphere? A Game Built for SLP


The Sphere is a gaming universe where the most powerful and exotic resources in the universe lie on a planet protected by an impenetrable energy barrier.

Anyone can enter, but once the exotic treasures of The Sphere are found the “entrants” can only exit through the only one way out known as The Tower.

The galaxy swirling orbs in The Sphere each harness a form of unknown reaction, creating enough energy to power starships and other powerful devices in the universe.

A wasteland of a once advanced magical technological civilization. The Tower, exists as the only functioning structure in The Sphere, and the only way out.

At the highest point of The Tower lies the Throne Room. Entrants will fight each other in a final battle to sit on the throne.

Every cycle there is only one winner who ascends the Tower and takes the throne to exit the Sphere via a space elevator back into real space.

Create Your Own Avatar

There are three playable races in The Sphere. Which race will you choose? (Click to magnify!)

Everyone who plays in The Sphere has their own character.

Your equipment, your cosmetics, as you upgrade your character you will be able to see your upgrades and show your avatar off to others on social media.

Gameplay Mechanics

It’s a fast-paced game. Players are challenged to making quick decisions with a declining timer.

Each player enters with his own equipment and custom deck. You cannot see your opponent’s health and willpower, only their Avatar picture, which they can fake using poker face moves, so you don’t know their true status.

Unlike other card games, players don’t take opposing turns. They play out their cards in a reveal phase simultaneously. If the player does not react fast enough they get penalized.

As the battle continues the player’s willpower dwindles and difficult moves become harder to execute.

The games are fast and short and average out around 3 minutes, though some sessions can go much longer if there is a stalemate.

The core game is a balance of chance and strategy. This makes it accessible to casual players and does not allow “pro players” to consistently have too much of an edge.

Players can stake tokens and challenge other players with their own decks, the winner is rewarded the staked tokens via Telegram or Discord bot.

Game Items (Click to Magnify!)

Game items split into 4 self-explanatory types:

At pre-alpha launch, there will be 72 cards of varying rarity and supply.

The Tower and Throne Room

In Tower Mode, up to 100 players participate in a climb up the tower, encountering different rooms and fighting other players and creatures, until only 2 players remain who compete in the Throne Room in a final battle.

The victor sits on The Throne, a space elevator that jettisons out of The Sphere with a prize of tokens (ORB and Spice) and any items he or she collected during the Tower Climb.

The winner will be announced across all social media every cycle! They will be public events with many play to earn incentives.

NFT Exchange

We want to be the most polished NFT experience on BCH so far.

Beautiful interface that allows you to deposit, withdraw tokens, buy and sell. In the future, we would like the marketplace to include other BCH games too.

ORB Token

The Sphere’s ORB token will play a big role in the ecosystem we want to build, and is designed to work synergistically with Spice which is a already well adopted token.

We’d love to tell you what this is, but we are still working out the details, we hope to turn ORB into something more.

When Does Pre-Alpha Start?

Hopefully, before Christmas, we are looking for playtesters who have a deep interest and experience with video games for balancing the game items.

Future Things to Add

Take your Avatar outside of your game, pets, merging cards, team battles are just a few things we have in the pipeline if successfully funded.

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