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Cross-Platform NFT Metagaming

Experience the first-ever NFT metaverse game, combining the power of social media and blockchain technology. Use your unique avatar and collectibles across multiple interconnected games and platforms - from any device, anywhere. Unveil the unlimited potential of gaming in the digital realm today.

Web3 Social Gaming

Get started instantly with zero installations, playing on any community channel such as Telegram or Discord. With automatic wallet creation for new players, joining the game has never been easier. Join the web3 social gaming revolution now and get early alpha.

Cryptocurrency-Driven Gameplay (Bitcoin Tokenomics)

Dive into an innovative cryptocurrency built with the Bitcoin model, utilizing our native ORB token. Earn ORB through gameplay, hold your NFTs for rewards, and power your inter-universe travels. Join us to partake in a robust token economy that turns gaming into a lucrative adventure.


Progressive Web App. Cross-Platform Across Any Computer, Mobile or Tablet.

Inter-Connected Games

Use the same NFTS across the multi-verse of games.

Low Fees

Low gas fees and instant speed when transfering your NFTs.

Collectible Game NFTs

Play and Earn collectible game NFTs which are digitally scarce.

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