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A True NFT Metaverse

Dive into inter-connected games all powered by NFTs of powerful summons, lore, magic and technology. Travel between the multi-verse and visit game worlds with your Metaship. Compete inside The Sphere to find treasures and the most exotic fuel (ORB) that powers all inter-universe travel.

Create Your Own AVATAR

Everyone who plays in The Sphere create their own an AVATAR, showcasing their equipment, cosmetics, and achievements. You'll be able to see your upgrades and show them off to others on social media and Telegram as you update your AVATAR. Extend your AVATAR's reach beyond the confines of a single game or universe. The NFTs you own and equip will have an impact on your Avatar.

Social Matchmaking

With Battlehub you can play against bots or other players. Discover and socialise with other players. Climb the leaderboards, participate in events and earn rewards. You may even stake ORB if you feel so lucky. First NFT metaverse game built using all of Telegram and Discord. Play against each other via our unique bot where other players can watch whether you were owned or not real-time.


Progressive Web App. Cross-Platform Across Any Computer, Mobile or Tablet.

Inter-Connected Games

Use the same NFTS across the multi-verse of games.

Low Fees

Low gas fees and instant speed when transfering your NFTs.

Collectible Game NFTs

Play and Earn collectible game NFTs which are digitally scarce.